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Pod After Lockup

Nov 8, 2019

Billy Procida (Comedian and host of The Man Whore Podcast) And special guest co-host Sarah Hartshorne and as always Caitlin Ruppert recap Season 3, Episode 8 of Love After Lockup  “Dirty Laundry”! Wined dined and ditched for an ex, is that what Glorrietta was looking for when she picked Alex up from jail? Lacey rips Johns heart right out of his intestines by telling him about her other man. Angela leaves Tony begging for nothing but us begging for more Amy, the laundry room lyricist! Cheryl and Josh visit the zoo and its boring. Vince has a striking inability to read the room and as a result follows Amber to every room. And Lamandre learns absolutely nothing from being dumped, That and much more!


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