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Pod After Lockup

Oct 4, 2019

Bryan McKenna (Comedian you can catch right in your city touring often with Jim Brewer) Joins Shannon Lee and Caitlin Ruppert this week to recap Season 3, Episode 3 of Love After Lockup  “ Love is a Sickness”! As per usual Caitlin starts with a big love life announcement then they get into this weeks titillating episode,    Shane clears up why he was in jail by suspecting nothing when Lacy frantically pulls over to take a phone call outside the car he’s clearly an idiot/bad criminal, We have to witness the most awkward dinner ever as Tony and Angela bump elbows enjoying well earned steak, Cheryl shows she’ll be jealous of anyone including big boobed guards with guns,  Mom questions if Lizzy is being honest to which Lizzy immediately measures her with a lie of course we believe she’s been faithful haa haa, Amber finally gets the meat she wanted and its not Vince’s special meat which he spends the night alone with. Enjoy the episode! 


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