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Pod After Lockup

Sep 6, 2019

This week Shannon Lee and Caitlin Ruppert are joined by two former guests and a former cohost for the season finale of Season 2, Episode 23 of Love After Lockup (Life After Lockup) “Broken Bonds”! We have Tori Piskin and Justin Perez two fan favorites back as well as Tonya Puig our original co-host and continuing show expert. We all partake in a drinking game and you should too! Here are the rules!

Drinking Game Rules (Drink When):

  1. We say Goddess
  2. We say the word Utah 
  3. We talk about hating Andrea
  4. We forget a cast members name
  5. We disagree on something

In this episode Michael admits to all the bad stuff he did while later doing more bad stuff like talking to another chick on his way to Megan, Brittany and Marcelino make a sign that’s adorable and most likely impossible to read from a jail window, Scott takes all his anger out on his own car, Andrea is shocked when Lamar apparently isn’t THAT addicted to her, Clint and Tracie get remarried and outdo Lizzie and Scott for the grossest kiss on the show.


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