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Pod After Lockup

Jul 5, 2019

Gianmarco Soresi (comedian and actor featured in new series Bonding on Netflix) joins Shannon and Caitlin this week to recap Life After Lockup, Love After Lockup spin off, Episode 1 (15)  “Prove Yourself”! Clint leaves Tracie in the car with the window cracked so he can visit with mother, Megan continues to think Michael is the love of her life married or not, Scott spends money on himself for once and still looks like a broke Steve Bannon while Lizzie bonds with her only friend who lives 4 hours away and came out of her, Andrea’s pride and joy Tenisin might stuff her and put her in a rocking chair but damn if he isn’t right about her, Marcellino doesn’t trust any ex cons with his baby except the one he married and soo much more including what drugs we'd do at the end of the world, Pass the crack Tracie!

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